Friday, April 27, 2012

Rayman Legends Leaked Trailer

I can't express how excited I am!  If you've read my review for Rayman Origins you'll know that I absolutely fell in love with the game.  This trailer has totally gotten me excited for Rayman Legends on the Wii U.  Woo!  Also, apologies for the lack of updates, things have been really busy here with personal stuff.  Hopefully by next  week things will have settled down.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Target 3DS Pre-Order Cards

 I was walking around my local Target today and noticed these pre-order cards for some upcoming 3DS games, I had never seen them before.  So it costs a dollar to reserve a copy, but you also get a $5 gift card with your purchase, which is more than Gamestop ever gave me for pre-ordering anything.  Thing is, if you don't pick it up within 7 days of the release, they will sell your copy and your card is then useless.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nintendo Zone Launches in Europe

25th April 2012 – Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to stay connected even when they are on the go through Nintendo Zone, launching today across Europe.  By using one of the approximately 25,000 Hotspot access points across Europe you will be able to access free and exciting content via your Nintendo 3DS system.

Nintendo Zone is a free location based, interactive service that allows you to access exciting content including upcoming trailers of games in 2D and 3D, product information, 2D and 3D screenshots, Nintendo 3DS game demos and free video clips.

Raising the Baaaaa - Behind the Scenes making of Shaun the Sheep

25th April – As part of an exciting recent partnership, Nintendo teamed up with the award-winning Aardman Animations, the company behind Wallace and Gromit and upcoming blockbuster Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. In a creative first for both parties exclusive animated 3D clips starring affable farmyard favourite Shaun the Sheep have been made available through SpotPass to European Nintendo 3DS owners.

Nintendo Europe Distributing Heroes of Ruin on June 15th

25th April 2012 – Nintendo of Europe today announces that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Square Enix Europe, a leading publisher and distributor of video games, for the forthcoming game Heroes of Ruin, a brand new adventure created specifically for the Nintendo 3DS system. Under the terms of the agreement, Nintendo will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of the game throughout EEA, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and South Africa territories, with Square Enix Europe remaining as publisher. Heroes of Ruin will be released across Europe on 15th June this year.

Theatrhythm coming to Europe July 6th

Good news for Europe!  It looks like there isn't going to be any shortage of awesome games for the 3DS this summer.  Hit read more for a few more screenshots.

Source: Games Press

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ocarina of Time mapped out in A Link to the Past Graphics

No doubt a lot of time and effort went into creating this.  Pretty impressive work, and totally awesome!

U.K. Release Schedule Highlights

23rd April, 2012 – Nintendo fans will have no shortage of reasons to smile this year as double Mario and Pok√©mon fun, as well as a new system update are all set to arrive on Nintendo 3DS within the upcoming months, whilst Wiiowners are in store for some chilling frights and quirky rhythm-based challenges.

Nintendo can confirm that it plans to launch New Super Mario Bros. 2, a new, yet traditional side-scrolling Mario adventure game featuring Mario, Luigi and lots of other favourite characters from the Mario universe. The game was created specifically as a pick-up-and-play experience that can be instantly enjoyed by players of all skill levels on the Nintendo 3DS system. The game is set to launch across Europe this August.

Nintendo fans across Europe are in for a double Mario treat, as they can also look ahead to the 25th May launch of Mario Tennis Open for Nintendo 3DS. Mario Tennis Open invites players to step onto the court with Mario and his friends for fast-paced tennis action and a mix of remarkable new tennis challenges. Players can play as their own customised Mii characters and choose from approximately 200 special items, including rackets and tennis gear that not only enhance their character’s appearance but also modify their abilities. Players can also suit up their Mii characters with outfits that both resemble and offer the skills of popular Nintendo characters.

U.S. Release Schedule Highlights

REDMOND, Wash., April 21, 2012 – Nintendo fans will have no shortage of reasons to celebrate this year, thanks to a wealth of upcoming games and content for both the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system and the Wii console. Nintendo today revealed plans to launch New Super Mario Bros. 2, a new side-scrolling Mario adventure for Nintendo 3DS, this summer. Later in the year, Nintendo will mark the 20th anniversary of the Kirby game series with a special compilation game disc for the Wii system. Other content on the way includes a system update for Nintendo 3DS, re-runs of the popular Kid Icarusanime videos as well as the May 20 launch of Mario Tennis Open.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Screenshots

I personally didn't care too much for New Super Mario Bros, but this one looks more like Super Mario 3, which happens to be one of my favorite Mario games.  I think Super Mario 64 comes first.  I am excited to if this does turn out to be like Super Mario Bros. 3.  Hit Read More to see the rest of the screenshots.

Rumor - Rayman Origins getting a sequel

If you've read my review for Rayman Origins you'll know that nothing would make me happier than having this rumor be true!  I absolutely loved the game!  Simple game-play, gorgeous 2D graphics, quirky lovable characters, I could continue talking about what I loved about the game for days.  Hit the link to check out the full scoop on the rumor.

Operations Rainfall still Determined to get Pandora's Tower to North America

This is pretty awesome, the people in charge of Operation Rainfall are still trying hard to pitch Pandora's Tower to publishers.  They've already had enough donations to purchases 6 limited edition copies of Pandora's Tower and are going to be shipping them to several different publishers for them to review.

Heroes of Ruin - Multiplayer Trailer

Warren Spector Demos Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Warren Spector talks a little about the story of the game and some of the dynamics.  Plus we get to see the game in motion!  Hit the link to check out the video.

Pach-Attack - EA Worst Company Ever?